Albert Abdul-Barr Wang

For our community of artists, illustrators, crafters and allied professionals that depend upon intermittent sales and adjunct service industry gigs to make a modest living, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken what is at best a frugal existence and upended it. Under the added burden of economic insecurity, our collective health and spiritual well-being suffers.
In an effort to sustain our hopes and buoy our spirits, Equity Gallery is pleased to announce we will be hosting the Spring Flash, a week-long online-only sale of affordable works to benefit the greater community of artists and patrons our organization serves. The exhibition, juried by the New York Artists Equity staff, features an exciting array of artworks differing in style, medium, and themes from artists at all points in their professional careers. By showcasing a sweeping range of over 60 artworks — including the playfully bawdy photographic self-portraiture of Krista LaBella, the sprawling, intricately patterned geometric papercraft of Nancy Baker, and the stirring, intensely atmospheric unpopulated landscapes of Susan Stillman — the exhibition acts as a platform to support our diverse and eclectic community. In this time of crisis, we are reminded of our mission to be responsive to the needs of our fellow artists. We encourage you to partake in the sale, now on our Artsy page, website, and Online Showroom, to show solidarity today.